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Africa is the FUTURE
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Unique in our Oneness
"While we spend so much time arguing amongst each other, we are being viewed as pawns getting manipulated by an outer force which has us focusing more on our problems with each other than searching for resolution. There is a lot of emphasis placed on blaming the people instead of the seed of hate and blind criticism which has been planted deep into our minds and hearts. This seed nurtures contempt amongst fellow Africans and also Black Americans who want to understand their African roots. It becomes hard to accept and constructively correct our brothers and sisters because we have become cynics with no room for love.
Yes, we are different; yes we have issues which we need to resolve within our communities, our cities, our states, countries, and and our respective continents. But we should not be fooled to think we should hate each other more than show respect for one another. I am African and I embrace the cultures and aspects which celebrate my heritage, but writing down every characteristic which should define whether we can be African, or Black or African-American ends up isolating many of our own. I think accepting the unique differences in our oneness is something that we have to learn to do if we want to “change the media-enhanced perception of Africa as the world’s handicapped Africa,” as stated as part of the Rise Africa’s goals. Acceptance and practicing empathy is a key component in attaining this desired goal. Let’s begin with listening to one another and finding the uniqueness in our oneness and similarities instead of picking eachother apart for our differences and that which we do not yet understand.”
-Deana Bolumbu
this is only an excerpt. read entire blog post here